Subject: [DPS Members] DPS Mailing #10-12: DPS Mtg. reminders, new secretary,	telescope deadlines...

Issue 10-12, September 8th 2010

1) DPS Meeting 2010: Reminders
2) New DPS Secretary
3) NASA IRTF Telescope Proposals: Deadline October 1st
4) 2011A NASA Keck Call For Proposals: Deadline September 16th
5) LSST Science Collaboration Applications: Deadline October 15th
6) 2011 Sagan Fellowships: Application Deadline November 5th



A few reminders about the upcoming Pasadena DPS meeting, October
3rd-8th. For full details see 

-- Volunteers are still needed to help! Earn free registration! 

-- There will be a party at Andy Ingersoll's house, sponsored by
Caltech's Division of Geological and Planetary Sciences, starting 
at 5:30P on Friday October 8
-- We still have openings for the following events. Sign up!
-- JPL tour on Tuesday Oct 5 
-- Banquet on Wednesday Oct 6
-- Griffith Observatory event on Thursday Oct 7
-- Palomar Observatory tour on Saturday Oct 9
-- Mt Wilson Observatory tour on Saturday Oct 9

For more information, check out or



Athena Coustenis will be taking over from John Spencer as DPS secretary
at the 2010 DPS meeting, following completion of John's 4-year term. 
Thanks to Athena for stepping up to the plate.



The due date for the February 1 to July 31, 2011 semester is Friday,
October 1, 2010. 
See for
the new ONLINE submission form. Available instruments include: (1)
SpeX, a 1-5 micron cross-dispersed medium-resolution spectrograph (up
to R=2,500); (2) CSHELL, a 1-5 micron high-resolution spectrograph (up
to R=30,000); (3) MIRSI, a 5 to 25 micron camera and low-resolution
spectrometer (R=100 to 200), (4) NSFCAM2, a 20482048 pixel, 1-5
micron camera with a 0.04 arcsec/pixel scale and a circular variable
filter; and (5) PI-instruments including a low-resolution 3-14 micron
spectrograph and high-resolution spectrographs for 8-25 microns.
Information on available instruments can be found at:



NASA is soliciting proposals to use the Keck Telescopes for the 2011A
observing semester (February 2011 - August 2011). NASA intends the
use of the Keck telescopes to be highly strategic in support of
on-going missions and/or high priority, long term science goals. Thus
NASA Headquarters has opened up the NASA Keck call to a wide range of
disciplines including exoplanets and solar system topics, galactic and
extragalactic topics as well as cosmology and high energy
astrophysics. This semester and continuing into future semesters,
there is limited time available for observations of targets based on
public Kepler data or data obtained through the Kepler Guest Observer
programs. In addition, the call for CoRoT Key Science has been
extended to semester 2012B. Proposals are also sought in the
following discipline areas: (1) investigations in support of EXOPLANET
EXPLORATION science goals and missions; (2) investigations of our own
SOLAR SYSTEM; (3) investigations in support of COSMIC ORIGINS science
goals and missions; (4) investigations in support of PHYSICS OF THE
COSMOS science goals and missions; and (5) direct MISSION SUPPORT.

The proposal process is being handled by the NASA Exoplanet Science
Institute (NExScI) at Caltech and all proposals are due on 16
September 2010 at 4 pm PDT. Please see the website for
further information and the proposal submission site. Questions not
answered on these pages can be directed to .



The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST) is inviting members from
the U.S. astronomy and physics communities to take part through
membership in LSST Science Collaborations. Applicants may apply to
join an existing collaboration, or propose to form a new

Over the course of ten years, the LSST will perform a six-wavelength,
multi-epoch optical survey of half the visible sky with an
unprecedented combination of speed and depth. The LSST will enable
large surveys to searches for faint solar system objects, among other
topics. More info about the LSST and its science goals can be found at

Those who wish to join an existing collaboration, or initiate a new
collaboration, are invited to submit proposals. These will be reviewed
by an independent panel of astronomers and physicists coordinated by
NOAO, with input from the collaborations on applications specific to
their group. Further details and information on applying for
membership are available at:

Successful applicants must demonstrate a commitment to helping to
develop the LSST observational program. The application deadline is
October 15, 2010. For new collaborations, we request that a letter of
intent to apply that briefly describes the scientific topic and
proposed membership be emailed to by September 20,
2010. Questions may be addressed to Tod R. Lauer at



The NASA Exoplanet Science Institute announces the 2011 Sagan
Postdoctoral Fellowship Program and solicits applications for
fellowships to begin in the Fall of 2011.

The Sagan Fellowships support outstanding recent postdoctoral
scientists to conduct independent research that is broadly related to
the science goals of the NASA Exoplanet Exploration area. The primary
goal of missions within this program is to discover and characterize
planetary systems and Earth-like planets around nearby stars.

The proposed research may be theoretical, observational, or
instrumental. This program is open to applicants of any nationality
who have earned (or will have earned) their doctoral degrees on or
after January 1, 2008, in astronomy, physics, or related disciplines.
The fellowships are tenable at U.S. host institutions of the fellows'
choice, subject to a maximum of one new fellow per host institution
per year. The duration of the fellowship is up to three years: an
initial one-year appointment and two annual renewals contingent on
satisfactory performance and availability of NASA funds.

The Announcement of Opportunity, which includes detailed program
policies and application instructions is available at the web site:

Applicants must follow the instructions given in this Announcement.
Applications must be submitted electronically through the above
website. Inquiries about the Sagan Fellowships may be directed to

The deadline for both applications and letters of reference is
Thursday, November 5, 2010. Offers will be made before February 1,
2011 and new appointments are expected to begin on or about September
1, 2011.