Subject: [DPS Members] DPS Mailing #09-05: Classroom powerpoints,	Ostro Symposium...

Issue 09-05, April 25th 2009

1) "Discoveries in Planetary Science" Classroom Powerpoints
2) Steve Ostro Symposium
3) Job Announcements
4) Upcoming Meetings



The DPS Education Subcommittee announces the inaugural release of
"Discoveries in Planetary Science" Classroom Powerpoints. These are
succinct summaries of discoveries too recent to appear in "Intro
Astronomy" college textbooks; each set consists of just three slides
to be shown: the discovery itself, a basic explanation based on good
planetary science, and the "big picture" context. Another page for
further information is provided as well. The first set covers Mars
Methane, Extrasolar Planet Imaging, The Chaotic Early Solar System,
Mars Sulfur Chemistry, and Mercury Volcanism. Powerpoints and pdf's
can be downloaded from Planetary
scientists with recent or upcoming results of broad interest are
encouraged to submit them for consideration by providing an initial
draft using the template provided on the website. For more
information, contact Nick Schneider & Dave Brain at




This is an invitation to attend a one day JPL Symposium to honor the
memory of Steve Ostro. This one-day Symposium will be held at JPL's
Von Karman Auditorium on Thursday June 4, 2009 (8:30 - 5:00).

There will be ten invited oral presentations. Attendees are
invited to bring poster presentations (30 x 40 inches), which will be
displayed in Von Karman Auditorium all day. If there is sufficient
interest, additional room for posters will be provided in a facility
adjacent to the Auditorium.

There is no registration fee.

To facilitate access to JPL (through JPL security) and to make plans
for the poster presentations, potential attendees are asked to provide
information to either Don Yeomans ( or
Lance Benner ( by May 15: see the above
Web site for details.

With kind regards,
Don Yeomans and Lance Benner, Co-Chairs



1) Summer Internship at NASA Ames Research Center

A summer intern is sought to help get scientific papers geo-located on
Google Mars.

Contact: Ross A. Beyer, NASA Ames Research Center,, 650-604-0324



1) The European Planetary Science Congress (EPSC), Potsdam, Germany,
13-18 September.

Abstracts are due 8 May.


In particular, note the following special sessions which are relevant
to outer planet science, including the Europa Jupiter System Mission

*Giant planet systems
*Satellite atmospheres and exospheres
*Satellite surfaces, interiors, and exchange processes
*Ganymede science and exploration

The program will also include two workshops specific to the EJSM:

*In situ exploration of Europa and Ganymede
*Observational techniques for the Jovian system