Subject: [DPS Members] DPS Mailing #08-12: Last Day of the DPS Election

Issue 08-12, June 30th 2008
DPS Web site:

1) 2008 DPS Election: Last Day of Voting



The 2008 DPS election will end at midnight EDT tonight, June 30th.
There was a glitch that resulted in the polls closing prematurely
earlier today, but they are now open again, so if you haven't already
done so, please cast your votes today.  We need to elect the DPS
Vice-Chair and committee members, and to vote on changing the DPS
bylaws to provide for replacement of the Vice-Chair, and incorporation
of other planetary systems into the DPS statement of purpose.

You can find the candidate statements and other details at

Voting is via a Web form, at
You will need your AAS membership number and password in order to
vote- there is the option to reset your password if necessary.  You
can look up your membership number via
If you still have trouble, contact the AAS office at,

So far, about 23% of members have voted, which is already an
improvement over last year's final turnout.  Note that I can cast your
vote for you if you can't access the electronic system for some
reason- just send me an e-mail ( with your
preferences, from the e-mail address listed in the AAS online
directory at
(not the print directory, which might be out-of-date).