Subject: [DPS Members] DPS Mailing #08-11: 2008 DPS Election reminder,

Issue 08-11, June 25th 2008
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1) 2008 DPS Election: Reminder to vote
2) Upcoming Meetings



The 2008 DPS election will end at midnight on June 30th.  Please cast
your votes now, to elect the DPS Vice-Chair and committee
members, and to vote on changing the DPS bylaws to provide for
replacement of the Vice-Chair, and incorporation of other planetary
systems into the DPS statement of purpose.

You can find the candidate statements and other details at

Voting is via a Web form, at
You will need your AAS membership number and password in order to
vote- there is the option to reset your password if necessary.  You
can look up your membership number via
If you still have trouble, contact the AAS office at,

So far, about 20% of members have voted.  Note that I can cast your
vote for you if you can't access the electronic system for some
reason- just send me an e-mail ( with your
preferences, from the e-mail address listed in the AAS online directory



Titan and Saturn Book Symposia:  Abstracts due June 27th.

The Cassini-Huygens Project Science Group is making every effort to
involve the Titan and Saturn System science community in the Titan and
Saturn Book Symposia. Therefore, we are dropping the late fee penalty
and for those wishing to be in the program and we are extending the
abstract deadline until June 27th . All posters presented will be
considered as potential scientific contributions to the Titan and
Saturn books.

Titan Book Symposium:

The Titan Book Symposium, which will be held at the Omni Hotel
Bayfront Tower in Corpus Christi, TX, July 7-11, 2008, will
scientifically examine the Cassini-Huygens mission to Titan along with
ground based observational and theoretical supporting studies for the
purpose of writing a book on Titan. The book, to be published by
Springer-Verlag, is targeted for publication in late 2009. A secondary
purpose of the meeting is to hold a one-day symposium of future Titan
missions with emphasis on the Titan Explorer flagship proposal and
participation by interested industrial parties.  Registration of
$450.00 is now open through June 27th.

If you have questions, please contact Hunter Waite (Organizer) at or Melody Cherry (Administrator) @ or
@ 210-522-3745.

Saturn Book Symposium:

Registration and Abstract submissions are now open for the "Saturn
after Cassini/Huygens" symposium being held at Imperial College London
between 28th July - 1st August 2008. The abstract deadline is Friday
27th June 2008.

Please consider submitting abstracts for the poster sessions linked to
the variety topics which will be covered by the book, incorporating
Saturn, Magnetosphere, Rings and Icy Satellites.  Future missions will
be discussed also.  Registration is 352.50 British pounds and is open
through June 27th.

We look forward to your participation and attendance.

Send E-news submissions to:
John Spencer, DPS Secretary (