Subject: [DPS Members] DPS Mailing #08-06: DPS Election Candidates...

Issue 08-06, April 28th 2008

1) 2008 DPS Election Candidates
2) Wanted: Popular-Level Books for DPS Meeting Exhibit
3) Upcoming Meetings



The DPS Nominating Committee has nominated the following candidates
for DPS offices:

Vice Chair (one to be chosen):
        Kevin Baines, JPL
        Candy Hansen, JPL

DPS Committee (two to be chosen):
        Barbara Cohen, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center
        Josh Colwell, University of Central Florida
        Anne Verbiscer, Space Science Institute
        Geoff Collins, Wheaton College

If you would like to nominate additional candidates for either office,
you can do so by sending their names to me (,
supported by a petition of at least 20 DPS members, by May 26th 2008.
The election will be held shortly after that date, and the successful
candidates will take office at the DPS meeting in Ithaca in October.

Thanks to the Nominating Committe for their work, and to the candidates
for agreeing to serve.

John Spencer.



As part of the E/PO activities for the October DPS meeting in Ithaca,
the Local Organizing Committee will be working with the main library
in Ithaca to put together an exhibit of relatively recent,
popular-level books about planetary science written by DPS
member-authors.  If you would be willing to donate (or loan) a copy of
a book that you have written, or one that you would recommend for the
general public as part of this exhibit, please let us know before
May 1.

--Jim Bell, DPS08 Local Organizing Committee Co-Chair (



1) VEXAG Workshop, University of Maryland, May 7-8

The exploration of Venus remains an extremely promising avenue for
understanding how terrestrial planets work. Acknowledging the
scientific promise of Venus exploration, NASA created the Venus
Exploration and Analysis Group (VEXAG)
and the Venus Science and Technology Definition Team (VSTDT). For
those interested in contributing to a community-based analysis of
Venus exploration science, attendance at this 5th VEXAG workshop at
the Marriott Inn and Conference Center, University of Maryland,
Adelphi, Maryland on May 7 and 8 is a must. The Venus STDT, which is
defining a Venus flagship mission for the 2020-2025 timeframe, meets
the prior 2 days, May 5 and 6. Venus STDT goals, activities, process,
and progress will be discussed at the VEXAG workshop. It is eagerly
seeking input and feedback from the community at the VEXAG meeting.