Subject: [DPS Members] DPS Mailing #08-05: Two upcoming meetings

Issue 08-05, April 18th 2008

1) Upcoming Meetings



1) Second SOFIA Science Workshop, AAS Meeting, St. Louis, June 1st 2008

First science flights of SOFIA (the Stratospheric Observatory for
Infrared Astronomy) are expected in mid-2009.  A process to involve
the scientific community in SOFIA's early science program began with a
workshop at the January 2008 AAS meeting in Austin.

There will be a second SOFIA AAS workshop, to be held 1 to 5 p.m. on
Sunday June 1 (before the St. Louis AAS opening reception).  SOFIA
program status will be updated, followed by presentations of a science
themes white paper draft and then working group sessions for final
editing of the document. All members of the astronomical community are
welcome - you do not need to have attended the January AAS SOFIA
workshop to usefully attend the June workshop and help complete the
science themes definition.

The June 1 AAS SOFIA workshop will also include information regarding
the first two SOFIA general calls for observing proposals, aimed at:

(1) The "Short Science" program, in which two projects, respectively
     using a mid-IR camera and a heterodyne sub-mm spectrograph, will
     receive several flights each; a "Dear Colleague" letter inviting
     participation in Short Science will be issued June 19, 2008; and

(2) The "Basic Science" program, consisting of an extended series of
     flights during a period of 1-2 months, with science chosen by peer
     review; the call for SOFIA Basic Science proposals will be issued
     December 12, 2008.

The AAS SOFIA Workshop II co-organizers are Bob Gehrz of U. Minnesota
and Tom Roellig of NASA-Ames.  For more information, please go to this

2) Outer Planets Flagship Mission Instrument Workshop, Monrovia,
California, June 3-5, 2008


This is to announce a workshop to prepare instrument providers for an
upcoming opportunity to propose instruments for an international Outer
Planet Flagship Mission that is planned for a new start in fiscal
2009.  NASA and ESA are planning towards opportunity announcements for
scientific experiments to fly on the mission.  Currently, NASA and ESA
are studying two mission options- a Europa/Jupiter System Mission
(EJSM) and a Titan/Saturn System Mission (TSSM).  A decision by
NASA/ESA is expected in November 2008 on whether EJSM or TSSM will go

This workshop will provide overviews of both missions as well as
overviews of the serious payload constraints that potential instrument
providers will want to understand and incorporate into their future
proposals.  In addition, the workshop solicits contributed papers from
instrument providers to be presented in an extended poster session and
summarized during the oral sessions.  There is no registration fee for
workshop participants.

The deadline for online abstract submission is May 16.

For further information, contact Paula Grunthaner

Paula Grunthaner
Pat Beauchamp
James Cutts