Subject: [DPS Members] DPS Mailing #07-22: DPS meeting hosts wanted...

Issue 07-22, November 16th 2007

1) Thinking About Volunteering to Host a DPS Meeting?
2) ASP Award Nominations Solicited
3) Job Announcements
4) Upcoming Meetings



The DPS Committee is always interested to hear from individuals and
groups who want to serve as Local Organizing Committee hosts for
future DPS Meetings. The meeting may be held in your locale or you
may volunteer to serve as LOC host in another city relatively
inexpensive to attend.

For example, the cities of Portland, Boston, and San Juan have
suitable facilities and submitted proposals to host future DPS
Meetings.  The DPS Committee has selected San Juan for 2009.

You do not have to be a conference planning expert. The AAS Staff
supports our meetings with all the critical logistical planning and
guides the meeting planning process. The LOC generates the scientific
program and provides contact to give the meeting local character and

Interested? Contact the DPS Chair:



The Astronomical Society of the Pacific is now accepting nominations
for the Society's 2008 awards honoring accomplishments in astronomy
education and public outreach.

* The Richard Emmons Award celebrates a life-time of outstanding
  achievement in the teaching of college-level introductory astronomy
  for non-science majors.

* The Klumpke-Roberts Award recognizes those who have made major
  contributions to the public understanding and appreciation of

* The Thomas J. Brennan Award is given for excellence in the teaching
  of astronomy at the high school level in North America.

* The Las Cumbres Amateur Outreach Award honors outstanding
  educational outreach by an amateur astronomer to K-12 students and
  the public.

Submission guidelines, and lists of past recipients can be found at

The deadline for nominations is December 15, 2007.  You do not need to
be a member of the Society to make or second a nomination.

Marilyn Delgado at 415.337.1100 x 100 or
for additional information.



1) UCLA is seeking to fill 2 positions in planetary science, one
specifically in the area of planetary atmospheres and the other in any
area of planetary studies. Applications are sought by December 17,
2007. Details about the positions can be found at

2) The planetary research group of the Max Planck Institute for Solar
System Research (MPS) is looking for a Planetary Physicist to
participate in the science planning and data analysis of the OSIRIS
cameras on ESA's Rosetta mission.  For more information see

For more information about OSIRIS, please visit

3) The Astrogeology Team of the U.S. Geological Survey in Flagstaff,
Arizona has two openings for full-time, permanent research scientists
at the GS-13 to GS-15 grade levels (comparable to Asst Prof/Assoc
Prof/Full Professor).  For more information and to apply, please visit and click on "Browse Vacancies" to view
these Vacancy Announcement Numbers:

WR-2008-0077 (Research Geologist)
WR-2008-0064 (Research Geophysicist)  or
WR-2008-0077 (Research Physical Scientist)

or go to and search on the above Vacancy
Announcement Numbers.  Applicants must apply online at the OARS site
by midnight eastern time on 11/23/07.  Please direct any questions to
Rose Wheeler (

4) Planetary Postdoctoral Research Associate, Carnegie Institution of
Washington, Department of Terrestrial Magnetism.


Contact Scott Sheppard,, 202-478-8854, for more

5) Tenure-track Assistant Professorship, Illinois Wesleyan University
Department of Physics, any specialty of astronomy, beginning Fall
2007.  For further information contact Linda French (
or Narendra Jaggi (  AAS Job Register #24237, to
appear 1 December.

6) The Department of Astronomy at the University of Texas has a
tenure-track faculty position available for Fall 2008.  We are
particularly interested in candidates in the fields of planetary
systems science and observational high-energy astrophysics.  All
application materials should be received no later than January 4,
2008. Consideration of completed applications will begin December 10,
2007.  Complete details may be found at:



1) Polar Gateways 2008 Conference, Jan. 23-29, 2008, Barrow, Alaska

This is a joint meeting for the International Polar Year and the
International Heliophysical Year. This meeting is being organized by
the ICESTAR/IHY international science team for IPY. There will be
remote electronic participation from two Scandinavian Arctic sites at
Svalbard, Norway, and Kiruna, Sweden, and potentially from elsewhere.

Overall the conference explores the Polar Gateways perspective of the
present IPY-IHY epoch as a passage from evolution of polar exploration
and science research in earlier IPY and IGY epochs through the present
and changing polar environments to the next fifty years of solar
system exploration and habitation. Contributions are invited for the
three following sessions:

1) History of Barrow and Polar Exploration, IPY to IGY, Jan. 23
2) Present and Changing Polar Earth and Space Environments, Jan. 24-25
3) Polar Gateways to Solar System Exploration and Habitation,
Jan. 28-29

Further information on the conference program and logistics can be
obtained from the conference leader (e-mail: John.F.Cooper at; ph: +1-301-286-1193) and will later be posted on a
conference web site. Potential on-site and remote participants should
give notice as soon as possible, no later than November 30,

Barrow information is available through the BASC web site at ICESTAR/IHY team information is posted
at and for ICESTAR/SCAR at

2) Ground Truth From Mars:  Science Payoff From A Sample Return Mission
April 21-23, 2008, Albuquerque, New Mexico


Submission of an Indication of Intent is strongly encouraged.

Further details will be included in the second announcement that will be
available on the website in December 2007.

Send submissions to:
John Spencer, DPS Secretary (