Subject: [DPS Members] DPS Mailing #07-19: DPS Orlando Meeting Announcements

September 21st 2007


1) DPS 2007 Orlando meeting announcements




ALL DPS07 meeting attendees PLEASE READ!  This message outlines some
things that are DIFFERENT from the usual DPS meeting, plus some news.

Major Web Site Update

The meeting web site,

has received a lot of updates.  All topics are now up and include most
or all of what you will need to know before the meeting.  Further
updates will mainly track changing events, details, and any news.  All
attendees should visit the web site for the full story on the
following (and more, see below):

- All abstracts, including late posters, are now online
- Block schedule
- New workshops and breakout meetings, signup instructions
- Poster constraints (max. size in either dimension: 48")
- How to transfer your talk to the AV people before your session
- Supported file formats for talks (PowerPoint, OpenOffice, Keynote, PDF)
- How to contact the AV people for special needs (VCRs, slides, etc.)

If you need to know something that is not on the site, email:

Optional Pre-Conference Poster Printing and Hanging

NEW THIS YEAR: We are offering optional online POSTER PRE-PRINTING,
DELIVERY, and HANGING.  Using this service will make traveling easier
and will ensure that your poster is up all week even if you are not
there at the beginning of the week.  Please be aware that this is NOT
ON-SITE OR LAST-MINUTE poster printing.  The submission deadline is 30
September 2007 23:59:59 EDT.  Detailed instructions that you must
follow are here:

Please read them in full to decide whether the service works for you.

Those who show up at the conference with their posters on memory
sticks will be ON THEIR OWN.  Note that the office services center in
the hotel cannot handle posters of the size common at DPS meetings.

Poster Introductions - ALL DPS ATTENDEES READ

NEW THIS YEAR: We will have formal poster introduction presentations
for each poster session. During the day of your poster session the
poster session chair will lead session attendees to each poster and
the presenter will have two minutes to give an overview of their
poster. Questions should be held until after all the formal poster
introductions have concluded. The formal poster introductions will
begin at 4:15 pm on Tuesday, October 9, and 4:00 pm on Wednesday,
October 10 and Thursday, October 11. Assembly areas for each session
will be designated by signs. The goal is to reduce the number of times
poster presenters have to give their initial presentation, increase
the level of subsequent discussion, and promote interaction among
related talks and posters.  We hope everyone will attend the sessions
of interest to them.


Check the schedule and be present and prepared to speak for no more
than TWO MINUTES when your session is introducing posters.  Keep in
mind that this is an oral-only presentation, and that most of the
crowd will not be able to see any part of the poster.  Given the short
time, we recommend you focus on the high-level results and
implications, and let interested parties come back to discuss methods
and details during the latter part of the session.  If you have
preprints, be sure to mention that.

Roommates and daycare

The same web forum can be used both to find a roommate and to find
others with whom to share child care at the meeting.  The Rosen Centre
works with a daycare provider who supplies in-room daycare.  See the
"Lodging" button on the website for details.

Room Rate

Our contract with the Rosen Centre sets the DPS rate for rooms at the
current US Government rate for Orlando.  The GSA has announced that as
of 1 October 2007 the government rate for Orlando has increased to
$99/night.  While this is more than the rate for this summer, it
continues to be substantially below the standard rate for the Rosen
Centre or comparable hotels.

Banquet Speaker

Dava Sobel, DPS member and author of Longitude, The Planets, Galileo's
Daughter, and other popular books, will speak at the banquet.


Send submissions to:
John Spencer, DPS Secretary (