Subject: DPS Mailing #07-05: Prize nominations, IRTF deadline, NASA Summer School...

March 13th 2007

   1)  DPS Prize Nominations Invited
   2)  NASA Infrared Telescope Facility Observing Proposals
   3)  NASA Planetary Science Summer School
   4)  Three upcoming conferences and workshops



The DPS Committee invites your nomination of candidates for four prizes:

    The Kuiper Prize honors outstanding contributions to the field of
    planetary science.

    The Urey Prize recognizes outstanding achievement in planetary
    research by a young scientist.

    The Masursky Award acknowledges outstanding service to planetary
    science and exploration.

    The Sagan Medal recognizes and honors outstanding communication by
    an active planetary scientist to the general public.

A description of each award, and the requirements for nomination, are
available at The awards will
be presented at the 2007 DPS meeting in Orlando, FL.

The deadline for receipt of completed prize nominations is Friday, April
27, 2007 at 5PM EDT.

To nominate a candidate, fill out the nomination form available at and send it to by e-mail at
the address listed below, along with all supporting material.
*** Note that ALL nominations must be submitted electronically. ***
A complete nomination will be considered by the Prize subcommittee
for three years. You may wish to contact me to see if there already is
an active pending nomination for your candidate.

Richard G. French
DPS Prize Subcommittee Chair
E-mail address:


Due date for the August 1, 2007 to January 31, 2008 semester is April  
2, 2007.


Available instruments include: (1) SpeX, a 1-5 micron cross-dispersed
medium-resolution spectrograph (up to R=2,500); (2) CSHELL, a 1-5
micron high-resolution spectrograph (up to R=30,000); (3) MIRSI, a 5
to 25 micron camera and low-resolution spectrometer (R=100 to 200),
(4) NSFCAM2, a 2048 2048 pixel, 1-5 micron camera with a 0.04
arcsec/pixel scale and a circular variable filter; and (5)
PI-instruments including a low-resolution 3-14 micron spectrograph and
high-resolution spectrographs for 8-25 microns.  Information on
available instruments can be found at:
(See INSTRUMENTATION in the sidebar).



Applications are due May 15, 2007, for NASA's 19th Annual Planetary
Science Summer School, which will hold two sessions this summer, July
23-27 and August 6-10, at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena,

Science and engineering post-doctoral and doctoral students with a
strong interest in careers in planetary exploration are encouraged to
apply.  Applicants must be U.S. citizens or resident aliens ("green
card" holders) and must be living within the U.S. at the time of

The student teams will develop the equivalent of an early concept
study responsive to a typical NASA Announcement of Opportunity for
robotic missions, prepare a presentation for a proposal authorization
review, present it to a review board, and receive feedback.  At the
end of the week, students will have a clearer understanding of the
relationships among mission design, cost, and schedule, and the
trade-offs necessary to stay within cost and schedule while preserving
the opportunity to acquire high-quality science.  They will also
understand the lifecycle of a robotic space mission.

Partial financial support is available to a limited number of
individuals to help defray the expense of travel and lodging only.
Applications are to be submitted electronically by May 15, 2007.

For further information and to fill out an application, visit or contact Ms. Anita M. Sohus,
Jet Propulsion Laboratory, M/S 111-B29,4800 Oak Grove Drive, Pasadena,
CA 91109; phone 818-354-6613; e-mail



1) Asteroids Comets Meteors 2008, July 14-18 2008, Baltimore,

First circular and indication of interest form are now available at

2) AbGradCon 2007 @ Bioastronomy, July 14-15 2007, San Juan,
Puerto Rico

See for
registration and more information

The goal of AbGradCon is to foster communication and collaboration
within the broad astrobiology-related graduate student and postdoc
community, and to give early graduate students a chance to practice
speaking in a collegial atmosphere.  There will be talks as well as
panel discussions/workshops about issues important to young scientists
in astrobiology-related career paths.  We will also be hosting a
dinner and an ice-breaker social event on Saturday night.

There is no registration fee for AbGradCon, and we are working on
travel support for participants who are selected to give talks; the
abstract deadline for talk and travel support consideration is April
1st.  AbGradCon participants are encouraged to attend Bioastronomy as
well, but not required.  The conference is open to undergraduates,
graduate students and first-cycle post-docs.

3) 2007 Michelson Summer Workshop: "Planetary Transits: Detection to
Characterization" NASA Ames, Moffett Field, CA July 23 - 27.


Applications for financial assistance are currently being accepted
with decisions announced by March 19.  Register on-line before June 2
to take advantage of the early registration fee!  For more information
Contact: Dr. Dawn Gelino,


Send submissions to:
John Spencer, DPS Secretary (