Subject: DPS Mailing #07-04: Spitzer Warm Era...

February 26th 2007

   1)  Spitzer Warm Era: Planetary Science Projects
   2)  Three Upcoming Workshops, AOGS Abstract Deadline Extension



After cryogen exhaustion in March 2009, the Spitzer Space Telescope
(SST) will be entering the warm era of operations, when the 3.6 and 4.5
um IRAC imager channels will be available for large scale projects,
for targets of 1 uJy to 13 mJy. SST has the capability to track solar
system targets, with a solar elongation viewing constraint of roughly
70 - 110 degrees. As a community, we are being asked to provide input
for the planning stages of the warm era operation via a white paper
describing long term, large (> 1000 hrs) observing programs. Examples
of potential programs could involved extensive surveys of main-belt,
near-Earth, and Trojan asteroids; campaigns to map comets; and
possible synoptic observations of planets.

Interested parties are requested to contact Carey Lisse
( and Mark Sykes ( with
ideas and input for this document.

[Please contact Casey or Mark soon if you are interested: this
announcment has been delayed by a month due to an error on my part,
and they would like to begin work on the document in March.]



1) Science Archives in the 21st Century, Washington, DC, April 25-26  


The National Space Science Data Center (NSSDC) is sponsoring a science
archives workshop with a key objective being the fostering of better
ongoing communication among archives as noted in our preliminary
announcement below.  We encourage you, and any of your colleagues, to
submit an abstract by March 9.  There is no registration fee but
attendance is limited to a total of 50 participants.

2) Low-Cost Access to Near-Space (LCANS), Boulder, CO, April 26-28 2007


The goal of the workshop is to develop opportunities supported by NASA
and/or NSF for routine access to near space.  While scientific
ballooning potentially affords the lowest cost access to the
stratosphere and above, current balloon programs focus on large,
specialized payloads and not on routine access for experimentation,
leaving a gap in the suite of methods used for science and instrument
development.  We will examine potential strategies for low-cost
scientific programs that address the needs outlined in the most recent
decadal surveys.

3) Workshop on Ices, Oceans, and Fire: Satellites of the Outer Solar  
Boulder, CO, Aug 13-15


This was advertised in the last DPS newsletter as the "Icy Satellite  
Workshop", but
Io will also be included.

4) The deadline for the AOGS meeting in Bangkok, Jul 30 2007 - Aug 4
2007, which includes several planetary sessions, has been extended till
March 15th.



Send submissions to:
John Spencer, DPS Secretary (