Subject: DPS Mailing #07-03: Electing a new Vice-Chair, NAC PSS...

February 14th 2007

   1)  Replacing Alan Stern as DPS Vice-Chair
   2)  NAC Planetary Science Subcommittee, Tempe, 26 February
   3)  One upcoming workshop



Alan Stern, elected last year to be vice-chair of the DPS Committee
and thus in line to take over chairmanship in October, has accepted
the position of associate administrator for the Science Mission
Directorate at NASA Headquarters, succeeding Mary Cleave. Following
this appointment, with regrets Alan has resigned as DPS vice-chair
"owing to insurmountable conflicts of interest."

According to the DPS by-laws, "If a Committee Member should die or
resign before the expiration of a term of office, the vacancy for the
unexpired term shall be filled by appointment by the Committee."
Nothing is specifically stated about a vacancy in the post of
vice-chair. However, given the importance of this position, the DPS
Committee has decided on the following ad-hoc procedure in this case:

We have contacted the Nominations Committee (who normally seek out
candidates to run for positions on the DPS Committee) to start a
special search for candidates to fill this position. During this time,
members of the general DPS community can also propose additional
candidates (via petition with at least 20 signatures) as would be the
case in a normal election. Our expectation is that we can announce the
candidates by March 15, which will also serve as the deadline for
petition nominations. At the end of March we will hold a special
election using the AAS election web site, which worked well for our
election last summer. The membership will choose between these
candidates, and the choice of the election will then be confirmed by a
vote of the DPS Committee, thus fulfilling the letter of the by-laws.

We will also begin the process of amending the by-laws to avoid the
need for such an ad-hoc solution in the future! (Modification of the
bylaws requires approval by the AAS council and ratification by a vote
of the full DPS membership.)

The DPS Committee congratulates Alan on his appointment, and we wish
him all the best of luck serving space science in his new position.

Guy Consolmagno, Chair



Dear colleagues,

The next meeting of the NASA Advisory Council (NAC) Planetary Science
Subcommittee (PSS) will be in Tempe, Arizona, on Monday, 26 February.
The venue and timing were chosen to precede the NASA/NAC Workshop on
Science Associated with the Lunar Exploration Architecture, to take
place at the same location for the remainder of that week.  The other
four NAC Science Committee subcommittees will also be meeting in Tempe
on that same day.

The preliminary agenda for the PSS meeting follows.  All PSS meetings
are open to the community and the public, and we are always interested
to hear from our colleagues about their concerns and suggestions.
Please let me or another PSS member know if you wish to attend and
speak briefly to the subcommittee.

With best wishes,
Sean Solomon


8:00    Welcome & Administrative Matters        Sean Solomon, Michael  
8:15    Planetary Science Division Update               Jim Green
         Program overview
         Overview of Discovery selections
         Outcome of divisional R&A retreat
         Update on NEOO transition
         Update on integration of DSN into SOMD
         Effects of possible NSF shutdown of Arecibo
         Outcome of NEO Analysis of Alternatives
         Impact of new SSE Roadmap
         FY07 and FY08 budget outlook
         Overview of outer solar system concept studies.
         PSD responses to PSS & NAC recommendations
9:45    Break
10:00   Mars Exploration Program Update         Doug McCuistion
         Program overview including discussion of budget situation
         Overview of Mars Scout selections
         Current planning for 2013 launch opportunity
         Analysis of loss of MGS: causes and effects
11:00   Discussion                              Sean Solomon
12:00       Lunch
1:00    Analysis Group Reports
         VExAG                           Janet Luhmann
         LEAG                            Clive Neal
         MEPAG                           Ray Arvidson
         OPAG                            Fran Bagenal
         CAPTEM                          Chip Shearer
         FEAT                            Art Snoke
3:30    Presentation by NASA Administrator
4:30    Discussion and Preparation of           Sean Solomon
6:00    Adjourn



1) Icy Satellite Workshop, Boulder, CO, Aug 13-15

Jim Green has called for a conference on Icy Satellite science that
will be held at the Boulderado Hotel, Boulder, CO.  Further
information will be sent out when available.

Curt Niebur, Discipline Scientist, NASA Outer Planets Program


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