Subject: DPS Mailing #06-35: Travel grants; web site; triple session survey results
December 8th 2006
1) Hartmann Student Travel Grant Program: donations solicited
2) DPS web site: new webmaster
3) DPS meeting triple session survey results
4) Job announcements
5) Two upcoming workshops and meetings
Student travel grants to the DPS annual meetings up to now have been
financed mostly through the generosity of corporate and private
donors. In particular, Bill Hartmann has quietly been giving money for
student travel for many years. To honor Bill, and to expand the number
of student grants, at the Pasadena meeting the DPS announced the
formation of the Bill Hartmann Student Travel Grant Program, to be
supported by an endowment of $100,000. All interest on this money will
go to support student travel grants to DPS meetings.
We thank Bill for letting us use his name on the endowment. What’s
more, he’s kicking in a substantial donation to get it started.
We are now inviting the rest of the DPS community to donate to this
fund. And the DPS will match every donation, dollar for dollar, until
our $100,000 goal is reached!
Making a contribution is easy: Simply go to the AAS web site online
donations page:
and select “Hartmann Student Travel Grant Program.” The AAS will
handle all the financial details including acknowledging your
contribution for tax purposes. (All donations are tax deductible.)
Guy Consolmagno, DPS Chair
After a hiatus (involving a changeover of computers at the AAS office
and a changeover of web masters) the DPS web site is up and running
again. The address remains the same:
The DPS Committee expresses its thanks to our outgoing webmaster,
Heidi Hammel, who kept us up on the web for many, many years; and to
our new webmaster, Ross Beyer, who has bravely agreed to step into the
Guy Consolmagno, DPS Chair
Our fast survey of preferences concerning triple sessions at DPS
meetings is closed. We received 150 replies -- thanks! -- and (perhaps
not surprisingly) the results were not particularly strong in any
direction. On a scale of 1 to 5, where 1 strongly favored triple
sessions, 3 was neutral, and 5 strongly opposed them, the average
score was 2.9! We hope to have a spreadsheet with all the results
available for download from the DPS website, shortly.
Whether we have triple sessions or not depends on a lot of factors,
many of which will change from venue to venue. From this, I conclude
that the final decision should be left up to the local organizers. If
you have strong ideas about how a DPS meeting should be
organized... volunteer to run one!
Guy Consolmagno, DPS Chair
1) Faculty postion in the Dept. of Astronomy and Department of Earth
and Planetary Science, Harvard University.
Contact: Jean Collins, jcollins @, 617-495-3752
2) Research Associate (Lunar & Planetary Laboratory)
Detailed information and an online application is available at Job no. 36760. Contact: Renu Malhotra
3) AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellowships
The online application system is open and accepting applications for
the 2007-2008 AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellowships. Please
note that the deadline has been moved up- to 20 December- and
applicants can only apply to 2 program areas. For more information,
1) European Geosciences Union Meeting. Vienna, Austria, April 15-20 2007.
Special session on "Extrasolar Planets and Planet Formation".
Contact: James Cho (J.Cho @;
Heike Rauer (heike.rauer @; 
Artie Hatzes (artie @;
Daniel Winterhalter (daniel.winterhalter @;
Aleksandr Krot (alxkrot @
2) "Bioastronomy 2007: Molecules, Microbes, and Extraterrestrial
Life", San Juan, Puerto Rico, July 16-20, 2007.
The deadline for early registration is January 15, 2007, and the
deadline for submission of abstracts is February 15, 2007. This
meeting is the ninth meeting in a series of meetings that have
been organized by the International Astronomical Union's Commission
51 on Bioastronomy. Please book hotel rooms early, there are a limited
number at the excellent group rate of $130 / night.
Send submissions (no attachments, please) to:
John Spencer, DPS Secretary (spencer (at)