Date: Thu, 5 Oct 2006 15:22:26 -0500
Subject: DPS Mailing #06-31b:  Audiovisual Information for Speakers...
Greetings, DPS members,
  1)  Audiovisual Information for Speakers at DPS Meeting
  2)  Workshop Room Change
  3)  Job Announcement
LCD PROJECTORS AND LAPTOPS: These will be provided in every oral 
session room. YOU MAY NOT USE YOUR OWN COMPUTER.  There will be 
one Mac laptop and one PC laptop in each room.
FORMAT: PowerPoint, Keynote, or Adobe Acrobat are the required formats.  
Your presentation must be compatible with Office XP (2003) for a PC or 
OS X for a Mac.  The PCs in the session rooms will be running 
Windows XP Professional and the Macs will be running OS X Leopard 10.46. 
All presentations must be compatible with one of these formats.
MOVIES: Make movie files linked to your presentation rather than 
embedded inside it like a picture or drawing.  When a presentation 
has linked files, you MUST copy the linked files as well as the 
presentation.  QuickTime movie files (.mov) or uncompressed tiff files 
do not work as linked movies in the PC version of PowerPoint. 
Please convert these files into MPEG (.mpg, .mpeg) or AVI (.avi) 
formats if you wish to include them in your PowerPoint file.  
For Mac PowerPoint presentations with movies, we recommend that you 
save them as a "PowerPoint Package."
FILE NAMES: The presentation file must be labeled with the session 
number, speaker number, and speaker's last name (e.g., 35.03_smith). 
Please verify the file name before dropping it off.
DROP OFF: Bring your presentation on a CD-ROM or USB flash disk 
to the speaker ready room at least one day in advance of your 
session. Or, you may provide the file during the Sunday night 
registration and reception.  We hope to have an upload capability 
(email and ftp) but it's not working as of Thursday morning. 
Stay tuned for updates.
SPEAKER READY ROOM: The speaker ready room is located on the upper 
level in room C212.  The computers in the speaker ready room and each 
of the session rooms are EXACTLY alike. If your presentation looks 
good in the speaker ready room, it will look good in the session. 
READY ROOM. Someone will be in the speaker ready room all day to 
assist you. Please feel free to drop by and ask questions.
IN THE SESSION: You will control your presentation in the session room 
either directly from the laptop's keyboard or with a wireless remote 
control. Please do not load your presentation on computers in the
session room yourself because they may be deleted remotely.
MICROPHONES: Each room will have two wireless lapel microphones and 
one hard-mounted podium microphone.  To save time between talks, 
we strongly encourage speakers-in-waiting who plan to use a 
wireless microphone to put it on during the talk immediately preceding 
their own.
Audiovisual equipment other than LCD projectors and laptops MUST be 
ordered at least 24 hours prior to your presentation. If needed on 
the first day of the conference, request in advance by email 
from Rick Mathews with American Audio Video: speakerready @
35 mm Slide and Overhead Projectors: These must be ordered at least 
24 hours in advance from the speaker ready room technician and 
they're available free of charge. 
VCRs and Monitors: These must be ordered before the meeting and 
cost $85 each.  Payment may be made with registration and must be 
done by the start of the meeting.
Questions: Prior to the meeting, contact Rick Mathews with 
American Audio Video: speakerready @
The workshop on  Large Multi-variate data sets, on Sunday from 
3:00 to 5:00 PM, has been moved to the Magnolia Room.  
Contact Padma Yanamandra-Fisher (padma @
Assistant Professor, Geosciences, University of Arkansas.
Send submissions (no attachments, please) to:
Linda French Emmons, DPS Secretary (lfrench @
Department of Physics
Illinois Wesleyan University
P. O. Box 2900
Bloomington, IL 61702