Date: Sat, 3 Jun 2006 14:40:47 -0500
Subject: DPS Mailing #06-11:  2006 DPS Prizes...
Greetings, DPS members,
   1)  2006 DPS Prizes
   2)  Call for papers for the EPSC first meeting, Berlin, Germany
Congratulations to the recipients of the 2006 DPS prizes!  These awards 
will be formally presented at the Pasadena meeting in October 2006.
The Gerard P. Kuiper Prize is awarded to Dale Cruikshank, of the NASA 
Ames Research Center, in recognition of his pioneering work 
in the application of infrared spectroscopy to solar system bodies, 
his development of laboratory techniques that have become tools 
for interpreting observations, and his leadership in the 
design of instruments for remote sensing observations from deep 
space planetary exploration probes.
The Harold Masursky Award is given to Gentry Lee, of the Jet 
Propulsion Laboratory, for his fundamental contributions to 
systems engineering in the complex world of robotic planetary 
missions, including the Mars rovers, Deep Impact, Cassini, Stardust, 
and Genesis, and for imparting this knowledge to a generation of 
young engineers at the early stages of their careers.
The Harold C. Urey Prize is awarded to Tristan Guillot, of L'Observatoire 
de la Cote d'Azur, for his fundamental contributions in the study of 
the interior structure of gas giant planets, their formation process, 
and their atmospheres under extreme environments. His accomplishments 
include detailed models of the internal structure of Jupiter and Saturn 
and studies of the late emergence of gas giants.
The Carl Sagan Medal is given to David Grinspoon, of the Denver Museum 
of Nature and Science, for his energetic and successful efforts to get 
the general public thinking about planets, and about our place in the 
solar system and wider universe. His two popular books, "Lonely Planets" 
and "Venus Revealed," are detailed and thought-provoking treatments 
of serious subjects that describe scientific investigation in human 
and enticing terms.
Call for papers for the EPSC first meeting, Berlin, Germany
EuroPlaNet #1: First European Planterary Science Congress
Berlin 18 - 22 September 2006
DEADLINE for abstract submission: June 14, 2006
More information about the meeting/to register/submit an abstract:
Session PA2: "Nitrogen in stellar systems"
Conveners:  A. Coustenis (Athena.Coustenis @, E. Chassefière, 
and S. Atreya
Session PM3 : "Titan's lower atmosphere and surface after Cassini-Huygens"
Conveners:C. Sotin and A.  Coustenis
Session MA6: "Comparative Auroras" (Workshop)
Conveners: M. Galand (m.galand @ and R. Prange
 Session PM5: "Titan: Aeronomy, Plasma and Magnetic Environment" (Workshop)
Conveners: I. Mueller-Wodarg (ingo @, M. Galand, and R. Yelle
Send submissions (no attachments, please) to:
Linda French Emmons, DPS Secretary (lfrench @
Department of Physics
Illinois Wesleyan University
P. O. Box 2900
Bloomington, IL 61702