Date: Sun, 22 May 2005 15:50:50 -0500
Subject: DPS Mailing #05-13:  2005 DPS Prizes
Greetings, DPS Colleagues,
Congratulations to the recipients of the 2005 DPS prizes!  These 
awards will be formally presented at the Cambridge, UK, meeting in 
September 2005.
David Nesvorny - 2005 Harold C. Urey Prize recipient, in recognition of 
his many accomplishments in the study of the dynamical evolution of 
small bodies in the solar system. These include the formation and 
evolution of asteroid families as well as the importance of the 
Yarkovsky effect in the dynamical evolution of asteroids.
William Hubbard - 2005 Gerard P. Kuiper Prize recipient, in 
recognition of his lifetime of work on the energy transport, 
internal structure, and evolution of giant planets, extrasolar 
planets, and brown dwarfs.   His pioneering work in the study of 
stellar occultations by solar system bodies led to his co-discovery 
of the atmosphere of Pluto and co-discovery of ring arcs around Neptune.
J. Kelly Beatty - 2005 Harold Masursky Award recipient, in recognition 
of his service to the international planetary science community over 
the past 30 years through his writing, editing, broadcasting, public 
speaking, and mentoring of other science reporters.  Beatty has 
served as a vital link between planetary scientists and the public 
that supports our work.
Rosaly Lopes - 2005 Carl Sagan Medal recipient, in recognition of her 
significant efforts over the past 20 years in public outreach and 
education, particularly among Hispanic groups and young women.  
This work includes innumerable public talks, media interviews, 
articles in magazines and newspapers, a book on planetary volcanism, 
and major efforts to nurture and mentor young scientists.
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