Date: Thu, 19 May 2005 10:34:59 -0500
Subject: DPS #05-12:  In Memoriam:  Michel Festou, New Horizons 2
Greetings, DPS Colleagues,
  1) In Memoriam:  Michel Festou (1945-2005)
  2)  New Horizons 2 Community Workshop
  3)  Dust Devils: Earth and Mars Workshop
Michel Festou, Director of Research at the Astrophysics Laboratory 
of Toulouse-Tarbes, at Midi-Pyrenees Observatory (France), died May 11 
at the age of 60 after a recent diagnosis of stomach cancer. 
Festou was a widely recognized expert in the study of comets, with 
particular interest in their chemical properties as determined 
through measurements of their ultraviolet radiation.   He received his
Ph.D. from the University of Paris VI in 1978 under the direction 
of Jacques Blamont.  In his thesis, he developed his "vectorial model" 
which describes the kinematics of gases in the cometary comae, and 
which has become a standard for interpreting coma emissions from 
many atomic and molecular species.  Typical of Michel's generosity, 
he freely gave away copies of his modeling program to anyone who 
asked and patiently helped them learn how to use it.  He played a 
major role in an observational campaign of comets performed with 
the International Ultraviolet Explorer (IUE) satellite over a 
period of 18 years.  Festou's continuing cometary interest and 
expertise led him to become a co-investigator for the ultraviolet 
spectrograph aboard the Rosetta mission.  In his final years and 
months, Michel was the principal editor and architect for the book 
Comets II, with the goal of setting the foundation for cometary 
science during the next decade.  Michel often remarked that he 
wanted this book to be his gift to the world of planetary science, 
but little did we know it would be the last of his many gifts 
to our field.  We have lost a great man and a good friend.  
He will be sorely missed.  Messages to the family may be sent 
to Michel's son:  Dr. Nicolas FESTOU, 9 av Edouard Droz, 
7 pm on June 8th in Boulder
The New Horizons 2 (NH2) Uranus-KB mission plans for a new science
team, selected competitively by NASA.
A New Horizons 2 workshop will be held from 7 to 9 pm on Wednesday, 
June 8th.  This is the evening before the Boulder OPAG (Outer Planets 
Assessment Group) meeting.
The goals of the NH2 workshop will be to ask for input to NH2 
mission objectives, the present the results of the NH2 study done this 
spring by NASA, and solicit desirable science team attributes for NH2.
The workshops will be held at the Southwest Research Institute's 
Department of Space Studies, located at 1050 Walnut Street, Suite 400. 
This is just 4 blocks from OPAG's Boulderado hotel site; 
see for maps.
Food and drinks will be provided. Interested participants should 
contact Carrie Chavez at cchavez at to register.
Jeff Moore and Alan Stern
A workshop will be held 19-20 September 2005 in Flagstaff Arizona 
to discuss recent results from field studies, simulations, 
laboratory experiments and observations of active dust devils on Mars. 
To receive additional information and to register, contact 
Ronald Greeley (Greeley at For application for student 
travel support, contact Marguerite Syvertson (Mars Program Office, 
mls at or 818-354-6492).
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