Date: Fri, 1 Apr 2005 16:21:24 -0600
Subject: DPS Mailing #05-08:  DPS 2005 Meeting Registration
Greetings, DPS Colleagues,
DPS 2005 Meeting:  CAMBRIDGE, UNITED KINGDOM (4-9 September)
Registration for the 2005 DPS meeting in Cambridge, United Kingdom 
(4-9 September) is now open.  Details are available at the meeting 
One can register online via the website; there is also a paper form 
which can be mailed or faxed in. The early registration fee for 
regular DPS members will be $290; the deadline for early registration 
is July 22.  Those who register after July 22 but before August 19 
may register online; those who need to register after August 19 
should register onsite.
Accommodation at the two on-campus sites, St. John's College and 
Robinson College, can also be booked at this time.  There is much v
aluable information on the meeting website about choosing one's housing.  
Please note that the University housing can ONLY be booked online 
prior to August 19.  Those planning on staying at Robinson or 
St. John's must book their accommodation by August 19.  One can find 
a link to the local Tourist Information Center on the meeting website.
Linda French Emmons, DPS Secretary
send submissions to lfrench at
Submissions should be in text format (no attachments, please).