Date: Tue, 22 Jun 2004 12:24:27 -0500
Subject: DPS Mailing #04-15:  Icarus News, NASA Job Announcement
Greetings, DPS Colleagues,
      1)  ICARUS NEWS
There has been substantial input communicated from the DPS to 
Elsevier about the desire for institutional subscriptions (both 
print and full electronic access) to Icarus by itself, not as 
part of a larger bundle of multiple journals.  There is progress 
in that Elsevier is now looking closely at this
option, but there are no changes offered yet.  In the mean time, 
the recommendation for small institutions is for their members  
to pursue the option of individual subscriptions ($99 per year; 
see the DPS website for details).  In this way members can have 
the access they desire at what is very likely to be a  lower per 
person cost compared with the institutional subscription rate.  
Discussions with Elsevier are ongoing. Past-Chair Richard Binzel 
(rpb at is the DPS liaison to Elsevier.
Disicipline Scientist for Mars/Moon; 
Salary range:  $72,108-$130,305; 
Vacancy Announcement No.:  HQ04B0124; 
Open Date:  6/22/04; Closing Date:  7/13/04.  
A copy of vacancy announcement w/instructions for applying can be 
found at
Linda French Emmons, DPS Secretary
send submissions to