Date: Mon, 28 Jul 2003 17:17:23 -0400
Subject: DPS Mailing #03-13: ADDENDUM TO 03-12

Sorry! I omitted the sample letter in the last mailing, it is
now included.

       |   PROGRAM" - SAMPLE LETTER                              |



Dear Senator _____;
   I am writing with great concern about an action by 
the House and its VA-HUD-Independent Agency Appropriations 
Subcommittee to cut the NASA New Frontiers program by $55M.
   The purpose of this letter is to communicate with you 
that the New Frontiers Program originated as a number one 
priority objective recommended by the National Research 
Council's Solar System Exploration Decadal Survey Report - 
representing a consensus priority of the entire United 
States planetary exploration community.  New Frontiers 
was fully funded in FY2003 and the President has proposed 
continued full funding for FY2004.  Cutting New Frontiers 
now will result in delays and added costs to existing and 
future missions - most urgently the New Horizons 
Kuiper Belt/Pluto mission - also a number one priority 
objective of the Decadal Survey Report.
   I urge you to fully fund the President's request for 
the NASA New Frontiers program and to maintain this full 
appropriation in House-Senate conference.  [In addition,
I note with concern a House action to cut $20M from the 
James Webb Space Telescope.  Similarly I urge its support 
at the proposed funding level.]
   I thank you for your support in upholding the 
tradition of our Nation as the world leader in space 
exploration, an endeavor that spurs the imagination and
inspiration of our people, most especially our youth.


                               Melissa McGrath, DPS Secretary-Treasurer
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