Date: Wed, 02 Jul 2003 17:22:58 -0400
Subject: DPS Mailing #03-11: ELECTION RESULTS

Greetings DPS colleagues -

       |1) ELECTION RESULTS                                      |
       |2) IDEAS PROPOSALS                                       |
       |3) MEETING ANNOUNCEMENT                                  |



We are pleased to congratulate the newly elected DPS officer and 
Committee members:

Vice-Chair:	Bill McKinnon
Committee:	Fran Bagenal, Jim Bell

Thanks to all of you who took the time to vote.



NASA Office of Space Science and Space Telescope Science Institute are
pleased to announce the opportunity to apply for an Initiative to
Develop Education through Astronomy and Space Science (IDEAS) grant.
Attached is a PDF of the Call for Proposals (CFP), which details the
proposal guidelines and procedures. The CFP may also be found at the
program website,

The following are highlights from the CFP:
    * The grant provides start-up funding for innovative, creative 
education and public outreach programs that feature active 
collaboration between astronomers/space scientists and formal
education/informal education professionals.
    * Astronomy/space science must be the primary area of focus used 
to promote science, mathematics and/or technology education and/or 
public outreach.
    * Proposals may request:
        * Up to $20,000 for programs to be completed in one year. 
(Programs may request additional time, up to two years, due to school
schedules, etc.  which the panel review will consider.); OR
        * From $20,001 to $50,000 for programs which may request up 
to two years to complete.

The deadline for submitting a 2003 IDEAS grant proposal is Friday, 24
October 2003, 5:00 p.m. ET. If you are interested in more information
regarding IDEAS, please send email to
<> or contact a NASA OSS Education 
Support Network Forum and/or a Broker/Facilitator. Points of contact
and addresses for the Education Support Network may be found at



Abstract deadline: July 10
Date and location: August 28-30, NASA Ames Research Center
Registration     :

In the days prior to the DPS meeting at nearby Monterey, there will
be an international science meeting on Leonid storm research at
NASA Ames Research Center (August 28-30). This will be the first
opportunity for participating researchers in the successful 2002
Leonid storm observing campaigns to come together and compare notes
with researchers in planetary astronomy and aeronomie. Topics of
discussion include the ejection and composition of large cometary
grains, what they can tell us about comet surfaces and the origin
of the solar system, their evolution in the interplanetary medium,
their impact hazard to satellites, their interaction with Earth's
atmosphere, their effect on airglow and other processes in the
lower thermosphere, and the chemical products that meteors may have
contributed to the origin of life. This final workshop of NASA's
Leonid MAC program intends to facilitate the data reduction and
interpretation effort.

Registration and abstract submission (with a July 10 deadline) are
provided at


                               Melissa McGrath, DPS Secretary-Treasurer
                                      submissions to: