Date: Fri, 28 Jun 2002 10:25:46 -0400
Subject: DPS Mailing #02-18: 2002 DPS ELECTION SLATE

Greetings DPS colleagues -

       |1) CANDIDATE SLATE FOR 2002 DPS ELECTION                 |



The Nominating Subcommittee, chaired by Alex Storrs, has prepared the
following slate of officers for the next election:

Vice-Chair:  William Cochran (University of Texas)
             Darrell Strobel (Johns Hopkins University)

Committee:   Randy Gladstone (SWRI, San Antonio)
             Joe Harrington (Cornell University)
             Ann Sprague (University of Arizona)
             Alan Stern (SWRI, Boulder)

The bylaws provide for the possibility to add candidates by petition.
If you wish to nominate a candidate, I must receive a petition, signed
by at least 20 DPS members (regular or affiliate, but not junior),
along with a statement from the candidate expressing willingness to
serve if elected, by July 29, 2002.  Ballots, including candidate
biographies and position statements, will be mailed in August. The
deadline for receiving ballots back will be September 13th.

Please note that because the Nominating Subcommittee was not able to
complete the slate until June 27, 2002, the schedule for the election
outlined in Article III Section 6 of the DPS bylaws cannot be met. In
accordance with bylaws Article VIII Section 4, the DPS Committee has
therefore voted to temporarily suspend the bylaws in order to enable a
valid election.

Melissa McGrath, DPS Secretary-Treasurer (

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