Date: Tue, 07 May 2002 18:22:09 -0400
Subject: DPS Mailing #02-12: ICARUS NEWS; MEETING UPDATE

Greetings!  I know you are suffering from DPS enews withdrawl, hope
this helps.

       |1) ICARUS PUBLICATION STATUS                             |
       |2) MEETING UPDATE                                        | 



As many of us are painfully aware, publications of Icarus have fallen
badly behind schedule over the past few months.  This was due to
problems at the Academic Press publications office in San Diego, rather
than to any lack of papers ready to be published.  I am now pleased to
report that, due to very hard work on the part of the Elsevier staff in
San Diego, the presses are now rolling again and the backlog of Icarus
issues is being rapidly cleared.  For those with an interest in a
specific issue or articles, the following list of projected mailing
dates has been provided by Jennifer Kilcoyne at Elsevier.

Please note that the Editorial Office at Cornell is not responsible for
these dates.

155/1 January: mailed 4/15
155/2 February: mailed 4/24
156/1 March: will mail ~5/1
156/2 April: will be released 4/19; will mail ~5/10
157/1 May: will be sent to comp. 4/17; will mail ~5/24

By June, we expect to be back on the regular schedule. Both January and
February issues have recently arrived at Cornell.

Philip Nicholson,
Editor, Icarus.



Euro Conference Jupiter after Galileo and Cassini
17 - 21 June 2002
Lisbon, Portugal

  - The program is now available online

    OUTER SOLAR SYSTEM" (deadline May 17 2002).

        In preparation for the Forum on the Future Exploration of the
    Outer Solar  System, that will be  held during the  evening of the
    20th of June 2002 at the Science Museum of the University of Lisbon
    (more details on the webpage under 'special event'), we invite the
    science community to send in abstracts about future outer solar 
    system mission ideas or missions already under development.  The
    presentations will be poster only, with a 1 minute/1 viewgraph 
    opportunity for publicity during the conference. Posters will be
    displayed during the entire week.

                             Melissa McGrath, DPS Secretary-Treasurer
                                    submissions to: