Date: Wed, 10 Apr 2002 16:26:40 -0400
Subject: DPS Mailing #02-09: Mazursky Award

Greetings DPS colleagues -

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Dear Members -

Nominations for the 2003 Harold Masursky Award for Meritorious Service
to Planetary Science are due June 30. This prize was established by the
DPS to recognize and honor individuals who have rendered outstanding
service to planetary science and exploration through engineering,
managerial, programmatic, or public service activities.

For purposes of this prize, "planetary science" is understood to refer
to the multidisciplinary study of the solar system and its members,
excluding work dealing primarily with the Sun or the Earth.

Candidates for the Masursky Award may be of any age or nationality, and
need not be members of the DPS. While primarily intended to honor
living people, a posthumous nomination may be submitted within one year
of a nominee's death. 

Go to, fill out the
nomination form and send it to me along with the supporting materials
listed there.  A complete nomination will be considered for 3 years.
The winner will be announced after the 2002 DPS meeting.

Past Masursky Award Winners include

1991   C. Sagan
1992   H.J. Smith
1993   M.S. Matthews
1994   J.A. Burns
1995   W. Brunk
1996   W. Quaide
1997   J.T. Trauger
1998   J.H. Rahe
1999   W.T. Huntress
2000   G. Brown
2001   (no award)
2002   (no award)

We have suffered from a lack of nominees for this award in recent years
- a trend that needs to be reversed!

Because of the time it takes to accumulate materials needed for a nomination,
I encourage all of you to begin as soon as possible.

Mark Sykes
DPS Prize Subcommittee Chair
Steward Observatory
University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ 85721



The NRC's Executive Office has approved the appointment of Reta Beebe
(New Mexico State University) to succeed John Wood (Smithsonian
Astrophysical Observatory) as the next chair of the Committee on
Planetary and Lunar Exploration (COMPLEX). Dr. Beebe's term begins
immediately and ends on 30 June, 2005.  COMPLEX's membership is
currently depleted due to normal term rotations and the engagement of
members with the SSE Survey, and will be reconstituted over the next
couple of months.  A prime activity for COMPLEX during Dr. Beebe's term
will be to monitor the implementation of the recommendations contained
in the report of the SSE Survey--the first decadal-planning study
conducted by the planetary science community.

David H. Smith
Study Director
Committee on Planetary and Lunar Exploration



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