Date: Mon, 21 May 2001 15:31:43 -0600 (MDT)
Subject: DPS Mailing #01-19: Survey Committee Panels Appointed

Greetings, DPS Members-
       |1) Solar System Exploration Survey Committee Panels Appointed |


Solar System Exploration Survey Committee Panels Appointed

Much of the initial work of the Solar System Exploration Survey
Committee will be conducted via its component panels.  Each panel will
consists of a chair, a vice chair (who is also a member of the Survey
Committee) and four additional members. The panel will prepare reports
summarize current understanding in their respective areas and will
identify and prioritize the most important scientific issues that need
to be addressed in the next decade. These panel reports will be
forwarded to the Survey Committee and used to determine
solar-system-wide priorities for the next decade.  The report of each
panel will appear as a chapter in the Survey Committee's final report.

On 14 May, the chair of the National Research Council approved the slate
of candidates proposed for the panels by the Space Studies Board.  These
individuals are currently being contacted.  Those who have already
indicated their willingness to serve, pending the completion of NRC
formalities, are as follows:

Inner Planets
     Carle' Pieters--Brown University-Chair
     Ronald Greeley--Arizona State University--Vice-chair
     Bradley Jolliff--Washington University
     Ann Sprague--University of Arizona
     Ellen Stofan (Proxemy Research)
     One appointments outstanding

Giant Planets
     Reta Beebe--New Mexico State University--Chair
     Andrew Ingersoll--California Institute of Technology--Vice-chair
     Thomas W. Hill--Rice University
     Julianne Moses--Lunar and Planetary Institute
     Gerald Schubert--University of California, Los Angeles
     Amanda Bosh--Lowell Observatory

Large Satellites
     Alfred McEwen--University of Arizona--Chair
     Robert Pappalardo--University of Colorado--Vice-chair
     Caitlin Griffith--Northern Arizona University
     Torrence Johnson--Jet Propulsion laboratory
     Krishan Khurana--University of California, Los Angeles
     William Moore--University of California, Los Angeles

Primitive Bodies
     Dale Cruikshank--Ames Research Center--Chair
     Michael A'Hearn--University of Maryland--Vice-chair
     Alan Stern--Southwest Research Institute
     Michael Zolensky--Johnson Space Center
     Two appointments outstanding

Because the Survey Committee was specifically charged by NASA to pay
special attention to the exploration of Mars and to incorporate the
results of an on-going study on Mars science and mission priorities
being conducted by the Committee on Planetary and Lunar Exploration
(COMPLEX), COMPLEX will act as the Survey Committee's Mars panel. The
Mars exploration priorities identified by COMPLEX will be forwarded to
the Survey Committee for prioritization along with the results from the
deliberations of the other four panels.  For symmetry with the other
panels, Survey-Committee member John F. Mustard (Brown University) had
been designated vice-chair of the "Mars panel".  COMPLEX chair John
Wood(Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics) will chair the "Mars

The remaining members of the panels will be announced in the near future.

David H. Smith, Study Director (
Solar System Exploration Survey Committee


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