Date: Mon, 14 May 2001 15:27:16 -0600 (MDT)
Subject: DPS Mailing #01-18: Survey Committee Members Appointed; ACM 2002

Greetings, DPS Members-
       |1) Solar System Exploration Survey Committee Members    |
       |2) ASTEROIDS, COMETS, METEORS 2002: Berlin, Jul 29-Aug 2|


          Solar System Exploration Survey Committee Members Appointed

     On 8 May, the chair of the National Research Council approved the slate of
candidates proposed for the Solar System Exploration Survey Committee by the
Space Studies Board.  In addition to the chair, Michael J.S. Belton,  the
committee will consist of 13 members.  Pending the completion of NRC
formalities, the following individuals have agreed to serve:

     Michael A'Hearn--University of Maryland
     Joseph A. Burns--Cornell University
     Ronald Greeley--Arizona State University
     James W. Head, III--Brown University
     Wesley T. Huntress, Jr.--Carnegie Institition of Washington
     Andrew Ingersoll--California Institute of Technology
     David Jewitt--University of Hawaii
     John F. Mustard--Brown University
     Andrew Nagy--University of Michigan
     James Papike--University of New Mexico
     Robert T. Pappalardo--University of Colorado
     Mitchell Sogin--Marine Biological Laboratory
     A. Thomas Young--Lockheed Martin, retired

The members of the Survey Committee's subsidiary panels will be announced
in the near future.

David H. Smith, Study Director
Solar System Exploration Survey Committee


                 ASTEROIDS, COMETS, METEORS 2002
            Berlin, Germany, July 29 - August 2, 2002
      Hosted by DLR and the Technical University of Berlin

The next triennial meeting of the International Conference ASTEROIDS, 
COMETS, METEORS - ACM2002 will be held in Berlin from July 29 to 
August 2, 2002, on the campus of the Technical University (TU-Berlin), 
located in the centre of Berlin.  Further information can be found on
the following web page:

In order to estimate the number of participants and to update our
mailing list we would appreciate receiving your response by filling out
the on-line form that can be found on the above web site.

Gerhard Neukum, Uri Carsenty, and Gerhard Hahn,
on behalf of the Local Organizing Committee


                      Nick Schneider, on behalf of the DPS Committee
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