Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2001 12:07:03 -0600 (MDT)
Subject: DPS Mailing #01-11: Impending Budget Events, Deuterium Conference

Greetings, DPS Members-
       |1) NOTES FROM THE CHAIR - NASA budget events coming soon|
       |2) "Deuterium in the Universe", June 25-27 '01, Meudon  |


NOTES FROM THE CHAIR - NASA budget events coming soon

The devil is always in the details. On April 9, the details of the Bush FY 2002 
NASA budget request will be released. Statements from NASA have been generally 
rosy, but my preference is to be skeptical. We will be crunching the numbers 
as soon as they come out and give you a report. This will be the beginning of 
a process that is expected to continue for months as the NASA budget (which is 
folded into VA-HUD) winds its way through House and Senate committees.

Contacting your Representative and Senators

You are important to your Representative and Senators, not because of your
status within the scientific community, but because you are a CONSTITUENT.
What affects you, affects matters in his or her district or state. Science
is viewed positively because it is the root of much of our current economic
well being (despite the stock market slump). Science in anyones district or
state is good, not only because of benefits flowing from the activity directly,
but because it represents a educational and technological base that businesses
paying good wages find attractive. You need to let your Representative and 
Senators know when bills (particularly budget bills) are good or bad for our
science - the science in their district and state that you do. We should always
ask them to oppose earmarks to the NASA budget. They take money away from 
programs which are already too lean. Believe me, your representatives do want to
hear from you. Even when there is not a bill at issue, you should take the time 
to visit their local offices (particularly when they are in town) or their 
offices in DC (especially if you are nearby). Call in advance and set up an 
appointment with the staffer that deals with NASA or science issues.  Let 
them know what you do and ask for their support of the programs that support 
you and your work. We have a responsibility not only to educate the public, 
but our legislators as well. We need to be proactive.

If the recent past is any indicator, your Committee will be calling upon you
more than once in the coming months to contact your representatives by letter, 
phone, or visit. Your voice has been heard in that recent past (as a couple
of staffers have told me - loud and clear). It gives our representatives the 
ammunition they need to argue our case. Our advantage is that science has
bipartisan support, if we can activate that support. So, when you hear from 
us, we hope you will respond directly.

Quick and easy information on how to contact members of your Congressional 
delegation is found at 

Mark V. Sykes (


CONFERENCE "Deuterium in the Universe"
June 25-27, 2001
Observatoire de Meudon, France

- Registration deadline is April 30th, 2001
- Abstract deadline is April 30th, 2001
- Programme of invited talks available 
- Participants must book their hotel, ASAP.
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