Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2001 14:25:16 -0700 (MST)
Subject: DPS Mailing #01-05: Grant Delays, email erratum

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NOTES FROM THE CHAIR - NASA Grant Notification Delays

The delays in NASA grant notifications for several Research and Analysis 
programs have been of serious concern to our members, many of whom rely on 
these programs for their support. I have communicated on this matter with 
Guenter Riegler, Director of the Research Program Management Division in 
NASA's Office of Space Science.  He has assured me that the delays do not 
represent any change in budgetary commitment to these programs. The cause of 
the delays, according to Dr. Riegler, is a severe manpower shortage at NASA 
headquarters. He has expressed his concern about any hardships that researchers
may have incurred as a consequence of this.

I would like to assess the impact these funding delays have had or are having 
on our membership. Please send me ( a description of any 
impact that has occurred or is occurring. In particular, I would like to be
notified of anyone who has lost wages, had to forgo a hire or let someone go,
or has been facing such prospects. I would also like to learn about impacts to
institutions. To what extent do institutions buffer the effect of these delays
(e.g., through backstopping), and is there a cost associated with that?  This 
will give me, your Committee, and the agency information that will be useful 
in determining appropriate courses of action (perhaps reforms in the 
notification procedure) and will aid us in our planned efforts to encourage 
our members to consider temporary positions (IPAs) at Headquarters. In addition,
a government-wide hiring freeze (apparently not affecting IPAs) has been imposed
by the White House and may exacerbate the existing situation. In that event, 
your information may help us support NASA's request for a waiver.

Mark V. Sykes (


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