Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2000 15:32:06 -0700 (MST)
Subject: DPS Mailing #00-27: Sun, Jupiter Meetings; Icarus Holiday Closure

Greetings, DPS Members-
       |1) "EVOLVING SUN", Granada, Spain: 18-20 June, 2001       |
       |2) Jupiter: Planet,Satellites,Magnetosphere: June, Boulder|
       |3) Icarus Editorial Office closed for holidays            |


Granada, Spain, 18-20 June, 2001

An international workshop on the changes of the Sun with time and their
effects on Earth, on the planetary environments and on the development of
life in the Solar System is to be held in Granada, Spain, 18-20 June, 2001.
 Topics will include the structure and evolution of the Sun, the solar
dynamo and magnetic activity, past and present solar irradiance, inferring
solar behavior from solar analogs of different ages, the Sun-climate
connection, paleo-climate models, life in the solar system, exosolar
planets, the Sun and Earth in the future, and new space missions to study
the Sun, planets and exosolar planets.

The workshop is supported by the Spanish Consejo Superior de
Investigaciones Cientificas (CSIC) and the Instituto Nacional de Tecnica
Aeroespacial (INTA), through the Instituto de Astrofisica de Andalucia
(Granada) and the Centro de Astrobiologia (Madrid).

During the week previous to this meeting the First Eddington Workshop will
be held in the nearby town of Cordoba from 11 to 15 June 2001 (see Eddington
is an ESA space mission for asteroseismology and extrasolar planet hunting.
Transportation from Cordoba to Granada will be provided for those
participating in both events.

For further information contact:
     Alvaro Gimenez (
     fax: 34 91 813 11 60   ph: 34 91 813 11 55

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Jupiter: Planet, Satellites & Magnetosphere
June 25 - 30th, 2001
Boulder, Colorado

An international conference to discuss our understanding of the 
Jovian system in light of the scientific results from the Galileo 
spacecraft (which has been orbiting Jupiter since December 1995), the 
Galileo probe (which entered Jupiter's atmosphere on December 7, 
1995), the Cassini spacecraft (which passes Jupiter in December 2000) 
as well as the Hubble Space Telescope and numerous ground-based and 
theoretical studies.

For information about the program, the meeting, etc. see
where you can submit abstracts (deadline April 1st 2001) and 
register. There is substantial discount if you stay 3 or more nights 
at the meeting hotel  and register before January 15th, 2001.

Fran Bagenal ( )


The Icarus Editorial Office will be closed for the holidays from 
Friday evening Dec. 22, 2000 through Monday Jan. 1, 2001.  The new 
electronic manuscript and review submission Web site will still be 
operating during this time, but email and other correspondence with 
the office staff will not resume until after the new year.    Happy 
holidays.   -Icarus editorial staff

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