Date: Fri, 20 Oct 2000 01:24:23 -0600 (MDT)
Subject: DPS Mailing #00-25: Events & Workshops in Pasadena

Greetings, DPS Members-
       |1) DPS NASA NIGHT: Tuesday at 7:30                      |
       |2) Reaching the Public through Planetariums: Tues @12:30|
       |3) SOFIA & Planetary Science: Weds @12:10               |


Announcing the DPS NASA NIGHT

Tuesday October 24, at 7:30 PM, Room C 106

	The decades of the ever decreasing NASA budgets have hopefully ended. It 
has been increasing since '99. The robust US economy has provided
government with an unexpectedly large budget surplus. Congress and the
White House have agreed that a small part of that surplus will be directed
to NASA this year and indications are that it will increase for the near
future.  This increase is due in part to the legislative education programs
that DPS members have initiated with Congress in the last few years. 

	The increase in the NASA budget is expected to  have impact on the
scientific research that NASA undertakes. The budget for research and
analysis, which had been cut  5.8% last November to accommodate
congressional earmarks, is projected to increase. NASA also plans to
increase funding for data analysis for missions. These different types of
science support may impact the nature of  the scientific investigations
supported by NASA's planetary exploration efforts.

	This forum will feature views from NASA headquarters, the White House
Office of Management and Budget, and from the DPS. A lengthy discussion
period will be included in the Q&A period.

   Robert M. Nelson,  DPS chair

   Ed Weiler, NASA Associate Administrator
   Jay Bergstralh, NASA, Acting Theme Director, Office of Space Science 
   Guenther Riegler, NASA,   Research Divison Director, Office of Space Science
   Brant Sponberg, White House Office of Management and budget
   Mark Sykes, DPS Vice-Chair 


Panel Discussion at DPS:  Reaching the Public through Planetariums
Tuesday, Oct. 24, 12:30-1:30
Room C212
Pasadena Convention Center

The International Planetarium Society (IPS) represents over 2,000
planetaria worldwide. Each planetarium has a unique opportunity to
disseminate information to a large public audience. In many cities,
planetariums serve as the primary source of astronomical news for the
community.  Planetarium directors are often also professional astronomers.
Those individuals who work in planetaria strive to stay informed on the
latest astronomical research and to maintain a library of the most recent
astronomical images.

IPS is interested in establishing a dialogue with the research community.
We invite you to join us for a discussion on the ways that planetariums and
researchers can collaborate to provide the public with a better
understanding of our universe.

A light lunch (finger sandwiches) will be provided courtesy of IPS.  Please
sign up at registration desk.  Room size limits attendance to about 50

IPS website:


The Capabilities of SOFIA for Planetary Science: An Educational Forum

Michael J. Mumma and Bruce Macintosh, co-chairs

The Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA) is being
developed by NASA and the German Space Agency (DLR) as the next-generation
replacement for NASA's Kuiper Airborne Observatory.  SOFIA will carry a 2.5
m telescope on a 747SP jetliner to altitudes near or above the tropopause,
where extinction by water vapor is minimal.  The purpose of this session is
to inform the planetary astronomy community about SOFIA's planned
capabilities, particularly as they relate to planetary science.  An
important aspect is to inform the community about how to become involved in
scientific planning.  

Four invited talks are planned :
	SOFIA Overview - Eric Becklin (UCLA), Chief Scientist
	Imaging Capabilities - Ted Dunham (Lowell Obs.)
	Spectroscopic Capabilities - Jonas Zmuidzinas (CalTech)
	Becoming Involved - Sean Casey (USRA/NASA Ames), Senior Scientist

Ample time is reserved for discussion and interactions.

The SOFIA Special Session will be held in room C106, Wednesday Oct. 25,
12:10 - 1:30.   A light lunch (pizza& sodas) will be provided. 

Contacts:  Michael J. Mumma (301-286-6994)
           Bruce Macintosh  (925-423-8129)    


                      Nick Schneider, on behalf of the DPS Committee
                      (submissions to Al Harris: