Date: Thu, 17 Aug 2000 10:47:57 -0600 (MDT)
Subject: DPS Mailing #00-16: DPS E/PO Questionnaire

Greetings, DPS Members-
       |1) DPS Education and Public Outreach Questionnaire      |


Dear DPS Member:
         NASA has long recognized the importance of interacting with the 
educational community and with the public in general.  In particular, 
NASA's Office of Space Science (OSS = Code S) has encouraged all space 
scientists to spend a fraction of their time in Education and Public 
Outreach (EPO) efforts.  For more information on OSS efforts, see the OSS 
web site at
         OSS has created an Education Support Network to assist the 
scientific and educational communities to form mutually beneficial 
partnerships.  Jeff Rosendhal, a DPS member, leads the EPO efforts for OSS.
         In order to help OSS provide better service to planetary 
scientists and to help your DPS Committee to better serve the DPS 
membership in its EPO efforts, we ask that you spend a few minutes in 
answering the following questions.  Please send your responses by early 
September to:

DPS Committee


1. Last name:
     First name:
     Phone (optional):
     E-mail (optional):

2. Affiliation:

3. City:
     State (or Country):
     Zip (or City Code):

4. Specify your general areas of planetary science expertise/interest: 
(mark each selected item with "X")
___Solar system origin/evolution
___Planetary interiors
___Planetary surfaces
___Planetary radar
___Planetary atmospheres
___Planetary magnetospheres/ionospheres
___Solar System body dynamics
___Comparative planetology
___Planetary rings
___Planetary satellites
___Physical characterization of comets
___Physical characterization of asteroids
___Kuiper objects
___Interplanetary dust
___Interplanetary medium
___Magnetospheric and plasma science
___Extrasolar planets
___Laboratory experimentation
___Spacecraft instrumentation
___Groundbased instrumentation
___Other (specify):

5. With which of the following areas of EPO are you or would you like to
be involved? (mark those you are already doing with "D" and additional ones 
you would be willing to do with "W")
___Public lectures
___DPS Speakers Bureau
___Pre-college classroom activities or course work
___Post-high-school classroom activities or course work
___Serve as a judge at science fairs
___Informal education efforts (museums, planetaria, science centers, etc.)
___Astronomy clubs, space clubs, boy scouts, girl scouts, etc.
___Media interviews
___Writing articles for popular magazines
___Authoring or assisting with production of EPO book, curriculum, web site
___Reviewing EPO products for scientific accuracy
___Answering science questions for public or educators
___Participating in science "web chats"
___Working with lawmakers to improve their science understanding
___Evaluating the effectiveness of EPO efforts
___Proposing NRA EPO program
___Proposing other EPO programs or efforts
___Other (specify):
What do you think you might be good at doing, or would like to do, or would 
like to coordinate?:

6. Are you interested in working with the OSS EPO support network (either a 
regional facilitator or the Solar System Exploration Forum at JPL) to 
assist you in your EPO involvement? ___
     If yes, for what kind of EPO activities (specify)?:

7. Additional comments:


That's it!  Thank you! We will try to report on the findings at DPS 2000 in 
Pasadena (without the name, affiliation, and location information, of 
course).   Reminder, do not reply to the DPS mail exploder, but forward 
your responses to

(Note that the survey is also available on the DPS Home Page:


                      Nick Schneider, on behalf of the DPS Committee
                      (submissions to Al Harris: