DPS Prize Nomination Form

All DPS members are encouraged to submit nominations for DPS prizes.

This year's deadline for Prize nominations is March 15, 2016.


A complete nomination submitted by the deadline will be considered by the Prize subcommittee for 3 years (i.e. for this year's award, next year's award, and the year after that), or for the duration of a candidate's eligibility, whichever is less. Please fill out the nomination form below and email it (PDF preferred) to the Prize Subcommittee Chair at dpsprize@aas.org [1].

The Eberhart Award [2] has its own entry form [3], please see its page for more information and to make sure that all materials are received by the Eberhart Award Committee (which is different from the DPS Prize Committee).

The Nomination Form is not a web form! Cut and paste into your favorite word processor.

The Form


I wish to nominate (name)_______________________________________________

of (institution)________________________________________________________

for the following prize (check one):

___ Gerard P. Kuiper Prize

___ Harold C. Urey Prize

___ Harold Masursky Meritorious Service Award

___ Carl Sagan Medal

I believe that this person is a suitable candidate for the prize
for the following reasons (you may submit a more detailed letter
along with the hard copy materials requested below):




Nominee's year of birth (required for Urey Prize only): _______________

A complete nomination requires a curriculum vitae, bibliography,
abstracts of three illustrative papers by the candidate, and three
supporting letters from people other than the nominator (for the
Masursky Award or Sagan Medal, bibliography and abstracts may be
included if appropriate, but are not required). The materials in
a single electronic form (PDF preferred) should be sent to the current Prize
Subcommittee Chair (see above).

PLEASE NOTE: DPS officers, DPS Committee members, and members of
the DPS Prize Subcommittee may not submit nominations nor supporting

PLEASE NOTE: Sitting members [4] of the DPS Prize Subcommittee are not
eligible for awards. Such nominations will be considered submitted once
that member has rotated off the Subcommittee.

Supporting letters included in this packet are from:


________________________________       _______________________________
Print Name of Nominating Member        Signature

All required nomination materials, including letters of support,
must be received by the deadline above in a single packet (PDF
strongly preferred) for the nominee to be considered this year.
Nominations completed later will be retained for consideration in
future years as indicated above.