Hartmann Student Travel Grant Application

Application deadline for the 2013 meeting in Denver, CO is 5:00 PM PDT, Friday, July 26, 2013. Late applications cannot be accepted.

Starting with a generous contribution from William K. Hartmann, followed by member contributions and matching funds from the DPS Committee, a limited number of student travel grants are made available to assist toward participating at the annual DPS meeting. 

Travel grants are primarily intended for students, but post-doctoral scientists without other means of support will also be considered. Travel grants rarely exceed a few hundred dollars and are intended to provide a supplement that makes the difference on whether or not the person is able to attend the annual meeting. In some cases the travel grant may be requested to cover the meeting registration fee. Preference is given to students who have not received a Travel Grant in the past.

Students applying for a Hartmann Student Travel Grant are asked to supply the items below. Maximum page limit for an application is 5 pages total and must be transmitted as a single PDF file.

  1. A copy of your proposed meeting abstract. Both oral and poster papers are eligible. (IMPORTANT: Be sure to also submit your abstract directly to the meeting!)
  2. A letter from the student, stating:
    • Your educational institution, the degree you are seeking (e.g. Master's or Ph.D) and the likely date of completion. For postdocs, give the institution and date your degree was awarded.
    • Name and email address of your faculty advisor.
    • Your specific request. How much money are you requesting and what expense do you need to have covered?
    • Whether you received a previous travel grant from the DPS. If yes, in what year?
    • What is the scientific significance of the research you are presenting?
    • What is the benefit to you for receiving a grant at this time?
    • VERY IMPORTANT! You must give reliable contact information for you, or your advisor for the dates July 15- August 15, 2013. You will be notified promptly of your award decision. In the case you are not selected for an award, your abstract will be WITHDRAWN from the meeting or CHANGED TO TITLE ONLY unless you specifically request otherwise upon being notified. An immediate response from you will be required before August 15, 2013. Your letter may also state your instructions on how to deal with your abstract if no award is made to you.
  3. A letter from the student's advisor stating that all other sources of funding are exhausted and that the student's ability to attend is contingent upon receipt of a Hartmann Student Travel Grant.
  4. A CV for the student listing educational background, degree status, significant awards or accomplishments, and publications to date, if any.

Submitting Your Application

Your application must be transmitted as a single file in PDF format. Maximum page limit for the application is 5 total pages.

Email your application to: dpstravgrant@aas.org
The subject line of the e-mail should read "DPS Travel Grant", and the name of the attached application file should include the last name of the applicant (e.g., "Smith_DPStravel.pdf").